’Twas The Night Before Middle School

Hold onto your heart; middle school is coming for your kid.

’Twas the night before middle school,
when all through the house,
the preteens were stirring, nerves utterly roused. The backpacks were filled to the brim with great care in hopes the first day would not be a scare.

Some had planned outfits in their heads while others would choose upon leaving their beds. The next day was coming, ready, or not — no more sleeping through alarms on the clock.

Oh, the last few moments of one’s summer break when thoughts of homework and grades cause a kid’s heart to ache. Previous year’s nemesis in the rearview, everyone’s got the chance this year, to start things anew. Old friends and friends soon to be met — kind and courageous introductions bypass most regret. Be patient with learning and forgive the mistakes — everyone is frightened and confused that first day.

Parents review checklists with thoughts of the day, just a few more hours until the kids are away. Some are excited for all that’s to come. Others wear a brave face while their heartstrings feel strummed, they seek solace in making comfort foods, or having wine or some tea — for mere moments ago, that middle-schooler was three.

The educators are ready to take over the reins and guide the preteens in expanding their brains. Don’t worry; they’ll offer compassion and humor too — these are the ingredients to their magical, management brew.

Now slumber and dream, tomorrow’s almost here, and the waking will require bright minds and good cheer!
Now 6th grade!
Now newbies!
Now another beginning!
Here, here all you kids, parents, and educators too!
Best wishes for a happy middle school year to each one of you!

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