Photographing The Unseen

a photographer’s composition of essence and truth

More than ever, we need artists to create, document and inspire our humanity. Looking at the art of Charles Franklin Stonewall, his contemporary photography reveals his passion for life-changing moments. Mr. Stonewall’s photography shows more about the unseen than the obvious; the images evoke thoughtfulness, leading the viewer to inquire beyond assumptions.

Right now, artists of all genres are producing moving pieces of work. For some, their creative reflection of humanity at both its best and worst is nothing new but rather the continuing extension of their unique style. As is the case with Mr. Stonewall, his work reflects his inventive ability to inspire conversations on the essence of humanity and affirm that all of us hold divine value within our existence.

Through his lens, Mr. Stonewall captures aspects of humanity’s longing to understand itself and our collective need for connection. In all aspects, his images hold universal themes of our presence.

His photographs articulate various concepts of validations and highlight our relationship with ourselves. What’s out of frame narrates the subject’s inner dialogue. We see the emotional response to their environment and are left to wonder about the entire story behind the portion revealed. We look for clues in the capture.

In recognizing universal expressions of pain, joy, hope, or indifference without apparent elements in the photograph to “tell the story,” we are guided towards introspection for answers. And in this, we relate our life experiences to the subjects in Mr. Stonewall’s images, imagining their story, feelings, and potential outcomes. Through his lens, we journey within, gaining a new understanding of how our relationship with ourselves impacts the perception of others in the world.

In his collaborative photography, Mr. Stonewall captures extraordinary bonds with other people in everyday moments. Acts of service, caring for one another become works of art, depth, and sincerity. His images capture potent details of the straightforward connectivity of human nature. Each image sets the stage for esteeming how we treat one another in both extreme and safe environments. Seeing one facial expression out of many humans in a shot, we perceive some but not all of the story.

Questions on being, safety, human rights, and community are stoked and activated for contemplation and discussion. Mr. Stonewall’s images stay with the viewer beyond the typical glance of a social media scroll. Instead, they take up residence in the heart of our collective humanity, provoking inquiry of the undeniable, significant, and indomitable themes of our oneness.

The decades-long development of his craft bestows bonds with other people and desires for a more profound societal understanding. Now, more than ever, we need this in the art we absorb. Similar to the ways breaking bread over dinner sustains our physical health and fellowship, art feeds distinct aspects of self and community.

Alone or shared, the consumption of fine art provides our minds and hearts with vital nourishment while sustaining wellbeing that guides growth. What we consume, experience, and observe should enliven and inspire. Moreover, art is best served when it connects us to our feelings and betokens the power of transformation. Through his distinct sense of design, atmosphere, and environment, Charles Franklin Stonewall offers honest, compelling images that expand and nourish appreciation for our collective humanity. By nature, we see with our eyes what our hearts already know, our divine value.



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