Dear Mom

Mom and Me in Magen’s Bay, 1966

full circles as fairytale endings
interlaced throughout my grateful heart
that beauty itself redefined
as everything that drew me apart

that we were ever
each other’s never
it seems as unreal, as it was indeed real
that hard times did irretrievable moments steal
furthermore guiding us how to feel

all the while
threading this story beyond the cosmos
promises, charts, and truths
unto the time capsule
and a shared lineage of distinction

royal as it ever was
ever thine, ever mine, undeniably ours
beauty itself revealed
as everything released
return to me, childhood wishes come true
as new and loving memories now created with you




Writer, Poet, Creative Collaborator, Intuitive Coach

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Laura Phoenix Power

Laura Phoenix Power

Writer, Poet, Creative Collaborator, Intuitive Coach

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