Photographing The Unseen

a photographer’s composition of essence and truth

More than ever, we need artists to create, document and inspire our humanity. Looking at the art of Charles Franklin Stonewall, his contemporary photography reveals his passion for life-changing moments. Mr. …

I’ve endured Christmastime for a few decades now but never quite like this year, and I’ll never have it any other way.

Living, loving, parenting, and loss during this pandemic seemed the fat pitch for another strike on Christmas. I did some of the usual things; decorated, purchased, hid gifts throughout my house, and reminisced. …

photo courtesy of Sonia LaPLace Cannistraci

Nurses are the vital omnipresent heroes of healing. If doctors are the spine, nurses are the central nervous system that affects and benefits all functions.

Our nurses embody the positive intentions of the American dream — diverse in cultures, steadfast in achievements; nurses are valiant caregivers to those in need.

She had a father-shaped hole in her heart,
it was a ramshackle scar.

She filled it with dangerous friends
because that space was too quiet.

She appointed boyfriends to the void
because the extent was lonely.

She loaded up on remedies
because the breach bestowed injuries.

She taped it shut…

It all begins with us.

Women are wondrous entities of existence.
It all begins with us.

Growers of creativity, we birth art, artists, and history. We are unforgettable passages, luscious impressions on canvases, and indelible marks on the hearts of lyricists throughout all time.

Passion begins with us.

Nurturers of…

a parody of pediatric medicine

The sun did not shine during our hospital stay. So we sat in that room for most of our day.

I sat with my mini. We sat there, we two. And I said,”How I wish there were answers we knew.”

Too sick to go out…

Co-Parenting Challenges And Promises

Parenting choices at the gumball machine tell a story.

The creation of our post-divorce family paradigm steered us through many unexpected paths of both challenge and promise. As a couple, we struggled with differing modalities towards the same desired goals for our kids. After we ended…

Laura Phoenix Power

Writer, Poet, Creative Collaborator, Intuitive Coach

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